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Broadcast From Your Email Program


TBN allows you to broadcast from your own email program. Our system will analyze your email, put it on the correct lists and send it to the correct people. You can include images and spreadsheets right in your message.

Interactive Inventory


These days many companies have systems that allow interfaces to outside organizations via standard RESTful Web Services. TBN offers full access of its inventory system by web service both posting and searching your inventory on TBN can be updated in real-time to match your internal inventory. In addition you can make your system search not only your own inventory but that of every other TBN member at the same time.

Instant Messaging


We provides an instant messaging system that allows members to easily communicate about an inventory or broadcast item seen on the site. Even if the user is offline the message will be delivered the next time the user logs on. You can even choose to have the site email you when a message has been received when you are offline.


Broadcast Digest


We offer daily broadcasts in digest form. When you sign up for the Broadcast Digest you will receive a single message sorted by a list that contains the subject line of each message from that day's broadcast. You can click on the subject to see the full message. You have the option of receiving a single message every day at 7:00 PM EST, or two messages per day at Noon and 7:00 PM EST.

Broadcast List Subscriptions


TBN offers 25 different broadcast lists so you can get just the messages that fit your business needs. Some of the lists include Real-time Broadcasts, Nightly Broadcasts, Storage, Servers, Telcom, Smart Phones/Tablets, POS, Notebooks, Printers, Cisco, Sun, IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP, Components and more.

Inventory Uploads


You can upload your inventory to our system as an Excel file. We accept both .xls and .xlsx files and we will properly configure your columns so there is no need for you to use special templates.

Dedicated Support Personnel


From the moment you sign up for membership you become part of a network not only of other sellers, buyers and traders but of our highly trained support team. Any question you have about the site operations or about rules and standards of TBN will be courteously and promptly answered by our staff. We hold the interests of our members as our number one priority.

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