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TBN's Services and Pricing Structure

TBN Fee Structure and Terms and Conditions of Usage
(Written in lay language for easier understanding)

TBN Fee Structure: $69.95 per month for 150-250 Broadcasts a day every Monday - Friday and a 1.4M+ inventory database.

To our knowledge, we are the least expensive computer broadcast, purchase order funding, & inspection service in the world, producing over 200+ broadcasts per day! At $69.95 per month paid monthly for unlimited broadcasting and 10K inventory SKU's (10001-49999 SKU's = $50/ month additional. Every one of our competitors, to our knowledge, charges between $89 to $159 PAID 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE (I.e. TBN cash outlay = $69.95, Other Competitors $267 to $478)

Simply Stated Terms & Conditions in a nutshell (See Terms, Conditions, & Fees below for an expanded description):

  1. No Derogatory Comments
  2. No Mass Spamming on the Specialty Lists
  3. Keep HTML broadcasts and attachments to a minimum.
  4. Do Not Duplicate an email broadcast < 4 hours.
  5. Always Include a Subject Line and that subject line must include what you want to buy or sell.
  6. Always Include Your Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone #, Fax # (if applicable) and URL (if applicable)
  7. You pay by credit card and the credit card charge is approved each billing cycle with no interaction on TBN's part.
  8. Your credit card runs as scheduled.

Trial (Test Drive) Period:
During your trial period we allow you to broadcast and receive messages on TBN absolutely free and with no obligation as long as our Terms and conditions are followed. After your trial period you will only be charged 69.95 per month.

Additional Email Accounts:
You may have a total of 6 email addresses attached to one account. 3 may be subscribed at no additional charge. 3 more are available at $7.50 per email address.

Broadcasts Limitations:
You may broadcast 150 messages a month at no additional charge. That equates to 1+ per hour Mon-Friday every day of the week. For each additional broadcast, at our option, you may be billed $1.00 per broadcast.

Exclusive Broadcast Feature:
As an added benefit of TBN Membership, if a member has sent less than 3 broadcasts in a 24 hour period, as a courtesy TBN will repeat the member's broadcast the following day. (This unique no-cost feature is only activated if TBN's current broadcasts on any given hour are below normal) If you do not wish this feature, please just contact customer service, or use the "Contact US" link on the home page.

Special TBN Promotions:
Any User that has joined at a reduced pricing due to a TBN promotion will receive the benefit of the reduced pricing until the expiration date of said promotion. At that time the user's pricing will adjust to standard monthly site pricing.

This membership agreement documents the terms and conditions necessary to maintain membership in Traders Broadcast Network. You agree to follow all provisions listed below after sending 1 broadcasts and/or receiving 600 broadcasts. In other words you have approximately 2 days to review this agreement with your legal advisers and an additional 40 days of usage as our guest to determine if our services meet your business model. Either party may terminate this agreement for any reason with a verbal 1 minute notice. You also agree to pay any outstanding charges accrued by TBN up on your termination as TBN usually bills a member AFTER our service has been provided and you are waiving your right to contest these charges described herein with your credit card company.

Traders Broadcast Network reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any breach of this agreement. Traders Broadcast Network will change this agreement from time to time. If any change is not agreeable to you may terminate at that time at absolutely no financial obligation. You agree to review all changes and changes will be effective 24 hours from the date of change.

After your initial trial period has expired, your membership will continue at $69.95/month by automatic deduction from your credit card account. You will be billed $69.95/month for a period of at least 1 year (which includes your trial period, reduced rate, and your general membership period. After a period of 1 year, TBN has the option to raise membership fees by a maximum of $10.00 per month on a yearly cycle, not to exceed $99.95. (For the record, TBN's last $ fee increase was in 2011). For discounted annual and semi-annual invoicing, TBN will accept checks, wire transfers, PayPal accounts, or money orders with the understanding that if the paying financial institution discounts the payment the discount fee will be reimbursed to TBN. TBN only accepts credit card payments for monthly payments If a member does not respond to a declined credit card notice within 48 hours the member's account will be charged $18.50 to reimburse TBN for the credit card processor's declined cc charge plus TBN's collection costs. If any member has had 2 declined payments within a rolling 6 month period, TBN, at our option may raise the members monthly rate by a maximum of $10.00, not to exceed $99.95/month. fees for TBN's ancillary services offered to our membership, will be paid or escrowed prior to the service being rendered.

Administrative Fees:
If TBN deems that it is necessary to audit a members account and/or broadcasts, due to a complaint(s) from a TBN user(s) that, in TBN's opinion have not been resolved professionally, at TBN's option a $30.00 administrative fee will be applied to your account. If a member has had 2 or more complaints in any 2 month period than the members rate will have a surcharge of $30/month for a period of 6 months.  This charge is to partially reimburse TBN for administrative costs in processing the complaint, documenting the issue, acting as a negotiator between both parties.

Our services are available to people or entities who can form legally binding contracts. You will be responsible for all activities conducted through your log-in. Members agree to abide by ethical business practices and to hold Traders Broadcast Network harmless from all actions taken on your log-in. Traders Broadcast Network broadcast service is to be used for broadcasting Want To Buy and Want To Sell messages only. You agree not to post any harmful or objectionable content, or anything that would violate federal, state or local laws.

Members agree that the use of Traders Broadcast Network's website and services are provided 'as is' and without warranties of any kind either expressed or implied.

Members agree to hold harmless Traders Broadcast Network, its employees, contractors, affiliates, and officers for all actions, claims, or liabilities arising from any disputes due to members transmissions or postings.

General Provisions:
The laws of the state of Maryland shall govern this agreement. Failure of a party to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not be construed as waiving that provision. If a provision of this agreement is not enforceable, all other provisions will remain intact. Members agree to act in accordance with all applicable laws. Traders Broadcast Network has not involvement in any transactions between buyers and sellers and has no control over the quality, safety, or legality of items listed by the sellers. Traders Broadcast Network strives only to provide a forum for buyers and sellers to communicate.

Terms and Conditions (with their associated fees), expanded:
To our knowledge, we are the least expensive computer broadcast service in the world, producing over 300+ broadcasts per day! At $69.95 per month paid monthly for unlimited broadcasting and 100 inventory SKU's (101-1000 SKU's = $20/ month additional. Every one of our competitors, to our knowledge, charges between $89 to $159 PAID 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE (I.e. TBN cash outlay = $69.95 *, Other Competitors $267 to $478) THAT'S IT! If you stick to our terms and conditions our charges are $69.95 per month tag, tax, and title. End of story! IN OTHER WORDS AS LONG AS WE CAN USE OUR RECURRING BILLING SYSTEM, WE ARE THE LEAST EXPENSIVE OF THE LARGE BROADCAST SITES! If we have to stay here on a Weekend day or days when we want to be with our families or hire a bookkeeper to do same so we can spend the time with our families than we want to be compensated for our $145,000 start up investment and our $18, 400 per month costs NOT INCLUDING our salaries ($60K for 55 hour work weeks). Also so we don't have to terminate a loyal user's membership for their 'honest mistakes' we have some financial encouragements that go to a worthy cause as listed below.

  1. No Derogatory Comments-Self explanatory. Buys and Sells only. No comments, criticisms, opinions, etc. THIS IS FOR YOUR PROTECTION AS MANY COMPLAINTS ARE FALSIFIED AND ACTUALLY GENERATED BY THE PERPETRATOR
  2. No Mass Spamming on the Specialty Lists I.e. don't place a Compaq Server Offer on the Sun Specialty List
  3. Keep HTML broadcasts and attachments to a minimum. To protect our membership we have to manually review every graphic broadcast to confirm that it is on the appropriate site and is professional. To our knowledge, we are the only site that doesn't reject an on text broadcast, but manual reviewing is an onerous, time consuming, and costly process.
  4. Do Not Duplicate an email broadcast < 4 hours.
  5. Subscribe to a Broadcast List before you attempt to broadcast to it. Every one of our broadcast lists are available to you AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, if you subscribe yourself, or request same by email, telephone, or fax. If you have sent a broadcast to a Specialty list w here you have not previously requested a subscription by following the EASY TO UNDERSTAND Instructions emailed to you at the time of your TBN enrollment or by sending your request to AS STATED IN EVERY ONE OF THE 1500+ BROADCASTS WE PRODUCE EACH WEEK, we have to manually go into our servers in Houston and create a subscription for you so your broadcast will be released in a timely manner. This is a time consuming process. There is a one time charge of $5.00 per each list that you require this service.
  6. Always include a Subject Line. Our membership, like yourself are busy traders, they get hundreds of email messages a day. It is very inconvenient for a member to have to open up a message to see what's in the body if t here is no subject line, advising them what's in the body. In the same regard, Subject Lines that are Sales Promotions : such as 'Big Blowout' with NO PRODUCT MENTIONED are equally annoying to our membership. At $69.95 per month we do not have the infrastructure to add subject lines to your messages. This is a time consuming process. There is a charge of $3.00 per each list that you require this service.
  7. Always Include Your Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone #, Fax # (if applicable) and URL (if applicable). Historically, those Users who have been accused of dishonesty have not included contact information that is verifiable. Consequently, to protect our 5800+ Paying Members we insist that your broadcasts include VERIFIABLE CONTACT INFORMATION. There is a charge of $3.00 charge for each broadcast that doesn't include this information.
  8. No Payment Problems. At $69.95 * a month we are not in the accounts receivable business. For that matter, at $69.95 * per month we are not sure we are in the broadcasting business, or any business for that matter. At this price, the site has to run itself as t here is no room for infrastructure costs. You are agreeing to pay a $18.50 payment problem fee for any late payments including, but not limited to an invalid CC#, declined CC#, or No CC# on file. You also understand that we do not have the infrastructure for invoicing and if you require an invoice, we charge $10.00 per billing period invoice charge as we employ subcontract labor to manually create them. You are further agreeing that if we terminate your membership for n on payment and you wish to rejoin that you are responsible for reimbursing us for all the time you were on the site including the first 60 days billed at 69.95 per month (as we are sympathetic to your cash flow) You are also agreeing that if either you or TBN terminates this agreement you are agreeing that TBN may charge your credit card at that time for any previous usage not billed plus the current month (or any part thereof). You also agree that you are waiving your right to contest these charges described herein with your credit card company.
  9. Any member that has 3 or more declined pymnts during a 12 month period will be assumed to be having financial issues which obviously impacts his capability to reimburse TBN. At TBN's option, those users may be charged an additional amount for to be collected in a reserve account in anticipation of future declined payments. After 6 months, members in the reserve account status may request being returned to normal status and the reserve funds credited to their account.

Monthly Fee Payments:
All fees due Traders Broadcast Network will be paid at the beginning of the month by automatic deduction from your Amex, Visa, or MasterCard credit card, checking account, or Pay pal account. All payment for ancillary services will be paid or escrowed prior to service being rendered. You agree and understand that we have no provisions or have any interest in having provisions for checks, wire transfers, or money orders. In the rare hardship only occurrence that we agree to accept a wire transfer, you agree to pay the full year rate in advance plus a $50 handling fee which includes our financial institutions $18 wire fee.

Annual Fee Payments:
As TBN's Annual Membership plan is severely discounted, TBN reserves the right to apply all yearly membership fees to past due amounts owed to TBN User before eligibility for the annual plan. (There is always the possibility that at the time TBN invoiced the user for their Annual Membership plan that they were eligible for same, but due to User's late payment that the User became ineligible.)

Cancellation Policy:
TBN does not require you to sign a 3 month - 12 month contract as our competitors do. We charge you month to month and you may unsubscribe anytime you wish, but if you cancel in the middle of your pay cycle you will not receive a prorated refund for that cycle. ie TBN retains any funds that you have paid whether you unsubscribed 1 day or 31 days after your current payment.

Small Print:
Off course, we reserve the right to terminate the test drive period or membership of any user for not following site policies. We have an inexpensive site that works. Our membership wishes to keep it that way! These terms and conditions are to help insure that you receive only quality broadcasts. Take into consideration that to our knowledge, all of our competitors have the same terms and conditions, they just charge more......................... a lot more!

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