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Subject: A Grade and A / B Grade, All DELL Laptops Latitude
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Date: 10-30 20:42
Message: Looking For Dell PCs?  We have a large inventory of DELL PCs and more cong in every day.
510        A DELL DELL 3180 CELERON 4GB  LAPTOP 11.6" 1.6   CELERON N3060 4GB 16GB
142        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E3380  LAPTOP 13.5" 2.5  I5-7200U 8GB  256SSD
176        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E3480  LAPTOP 14" 2.5  I5-7200U 8GB  256SSD
161        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E5289  LAPTOP 12.5" 2.6  I5-7300U 8GB  256SSD
368        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E5450  LAPTOP 14" 2.3  I5-5300U 8GB  256SSD
510        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E5470  LAPTOP 14" 2.4  I5-6300U 8GB 256 SSD
335        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E5480 I5 6TH GEN LAPTOP 14" 2.3  I5-6200U 8GB  256SSD
505        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E5480 I5 7TH GEN LAPTOP 14" 2.3  I5-7300U 8GB  256SSD
208        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E5540  LAPTOP 15.6" 1.6  I5-4200U 8GB  256SSD
110        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E5570 LAPTOP 15.6" 2.7  I7-6600U 8GB  256SSD
251        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E7270 I5 6TH GEN  LAPTOP 12.5" 2.4   I5-6300U 8GB 256SSD
373        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E7280   LAPTOP 12" 2.4   I5-6300U 8GB 256SSD
209        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E7290  LAPTOP 12.5" 1.9   I7-8650U 16GB 256SSD
91        A DELL DELL LATITUDE E7370  LAPTOP 13.3" 2.4  I5-6300U 8GB  256SSD
120      A/B DELL DELL LATITUDE E7470 I5 6TH  LAPTOP 14" 2.4  I5-6300U 8GB  256SSD

Direct: 586 200 0588
WhatsApp: 1+849 353 6169

If you want a better price, I will need you to help me by answering some questions.
If you need to purchase bulk, 100-150 PC's, please let me know the following before I can provide you with an accurate quote.
• How many units do you need?
• Do you need the AC Adapter?
• Do you need the operating system installed?
• Do you need a windows MAR license sticker?
• What kind of warranty do you need?
• Are you okay with will turn on and go into the BIOS warranty?

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