Inventory for Genius
Id Model Number Description
5030268 31710037100 Headset HS-02B Classic stereo Headset w/ Vol/Mic RoHS
8926915 796019813037 Genius 796019813037 Line Rider 2: Unbound for Windows, Condition: Factory Sealed - New
8930342 32100152101 Genius ColorPage 32100152101 SF600 Sheetfed Scanner - 600 dpi x 1200 dpi - USB, Condition: Open Box - Like New
9563213 MICE Genius Easymouse PS/2 2 Button Mouse, Black, Retail
9563214 KB-06XE *Genius KB-06XE USB Classic USB Keyboard, Black,Retail
9563215 SW-5.1 1005 *Genius SW-5.1 1005 26W 5.1ch Speaker System Black
9563216 TRAVELER6000 BK *Genius Traveler 6000 2.4Ghz Wireless Optical Mouse Black-RT
9563217 TRAVELER6000BLU *Genius Traveler 6000 2.4Ghz Wireless Optical Mouse Blue -RT
9563218 TRAVLER900 *Genius Travler 900 3 Button Wireless Mini Mouse Blue Retail
9563219 KB-110X Genius KB-110X Standard PS2 Low Profile Key Cap Keyboard,BLK
9563220 KB110X Genius KB-110X Standard USB Low Profile Keyboard,Black
9563221 KM-110X USB Genius KM-110X Combo USB KB + USB Mouse, Black
9563222 SP-S110 Genius SP-S110 Basic Speakers 2.0 CH Black retail
9563223 SP-U115 Genius SP-U115 USB Power 1.5 Watts Speakers 2.0 Black
9563224 SW-G2.1 1250 Genius SW-G2.1 1250 36W 2.1ch 4pcs Gaming Speaker System Rtl
9563225 SW-N5.1 1000 Genius SW-N5.1 1000 25W 5.1ch Speaker System Black
9563226 TRAVLER 9000 BL Genius Traveler 9000 Wireless 2.4G Blue Eye, Blue - Retail
9563227 TRAVLER 9000 RB Genius Traveler 9000 Wireless 2.4G Blue Eye, Ruby - Retail
9563228 XSCROLL PS2 BLA Genius XSCROLL PS2 Mouse 400dpi 3 Button, Black
9563229 XSCROLL Genius XSCROLL USB Mouse 400dpi 3 Button, Black
9852249 FKD46AK292 KEYBOARD
9852251 GH4080SE 8 PORT HUB
14167406 GMF303 Serial 3-buttom Mouse
15898819 DV-530R 5VDC 1.5A ac adapter
35785142 A151-A00-2 Sound card ISA, GENIUS A151-A00 FCCID: LWHA151A00
35791153 K0236023 Ethernet PCI, Genius Lan FCC: FSUG6023, K0236023 V1.1
35808584 MIGEN-3101011610 Genius DX-110 Black PS2 Full Size Optical Mouse
35809001 MIGEN-310101161 Genius DX-110 Black USB Full Size Optical Mouse
35809002 MIGEN-DX-110-B Genius DX-110 Blue USB Full Size Optical Mouse
35809003 MIGEN-DX-110-G Genius DX-110 Green USB Full Size Optical Mouse
35809004 MIGEN-DX-110-R Genius DX-110 Red USB Full Size Optical Mouse
35809005 MIGEN-DX-110-W Genius DX-110 White USB Full Size Optical Mouse
35813415 MIGEN-NX-7000 Genius NX-7000 Wireless Mouse
35813416 MIGEN-NX-7000-B Genius NX-7000 Wireless Mouse Blue
35813417 MIGEN-NX-7000-G Genius NX-7000 Wireless Mouse Green
35813418 MIGEN-NX-7000-R Genius NX-7000 Wireless Mouse Red
35813419 MIGEN-NX-7000-W Genius NX-7000 Wireless Mouse White
35814008 KEGEN-KB-110XPS2 Genius KB-110X Black PS2 Keyboard
35814009 KEGEN-KB-110XUSB Genius KB-110X Black USB Keyboard
35815207 SPGEN-SP-U115 Genius SP-U115 Stereo USB Powered Speakers
35815400 KEGEN-SSTAR-130 Genius Slimstar 130 Slim Design USB Keyboard
35815401 SPGEN-SP-U115-R Genius SP-U115 Stereo USB Powered Speakers Red
35815449 SPGEN-HS-04S Genius HS04S Headset With Noise-Cancelling Microphone
35816688 KEGEN-LUXE-100 Genius Luxe Mate 100 Multimedia USB Mini Keyboard
35819924 SPGEN-HS-04SU Genius HS-04SU Luxury Noise Cancelling 3.5mm Headset
35824983 CMGEN-FACE1000X Genius FaceCam 1000X Plug And Play 720p HD Webcam
35838940 SPGEN-SP-HSG500V Genius HS-G500V Vibrating USB Gaming Headset
35846398 SPGEN-HS-G550 Genius GX Gaming Lychas HS-G550 Foldable Gaming Headset with Swivel Ear Cups
35862284 SPGEN-SP-HF800A Genius SP-HF800A - 20w Wooden Speakers
35871990 SPGEN-SWG21 Genius SWG21 2.1 Gaming Speakers 38W
35892489 SPGEN-SWG21-3000 Genius GX Gaming SW-G 2.1 3000 70W 2.1 Channel Gaming Speaker System
35998991 32200213101 Widecam F100 TL Black 12MP 1080p Full HD
38554559 31300710100 Genius KB-110X Wired PS/2 Desktop Keyboard
38554560 KB-110X,USB 31300711100 Genius KB-110X USB Desktop Keyboard
38554561 31010116106 Genius DX-110 Wired PS2 Optical Mouse w/ 1000 DPI (Black)
38554562 31010116100 Genius DX-110 Wired USB Optical Mouse w/ 1000 DPI (Black)
38554563 31010105100 Genius DX-120 Wired USB Optical Mouse (Black)
38554564 32200213101 Genius WideCam F100 Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Webcam
41682803 KB-10X NEW OPEN BOX Genius Comfy KB-10X EasyTouch Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo PS/2
41682804 KB-21e NEW OPEN BOX Genius KB-21e Scroll KUL0210 Multimedia Keyboard USB
41682805 KKB-2050 NEW OPEN BOX Genius SlimStar KKB-2050 Stylish Slim Multimedia Keyboard PS/2
41682883 Navigator 535 Lot of 3*NEW SEALED BOX Genius Navigator 535 Professional Laser Gaming Mouse
41683248 wireless twintouch+ NEW SEALED BOX Genius Wireless Twintouch+ PS2 Wireless Keyboard and Wheel Mouse
41901785 Colorpage-Vivid 1200XE NEW OPEN BOX Genius Colorpage-Vivid 1200XE Scanner
41901787 Colorpage-Vivid 1200X NEW OPEN BOX Genius Colorpage-Vivid 1200X Scanner
48771694 K0233046