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Subject: WTB: 100-1000+ of any of the following SATA tested/working Hard Drives
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Date: 01-10 07:49
WTB: 100-1000+ of any of the following SATA tested/working Hard Drives

Our target prices are below.
If you can meet these price points, send an invoice and we will immediately process it or call and we  will cut a P/O and pay you while we are on the phone.

Please contact for full list.

2.5 SATA Solid State Drives (No mSATA and M.2)
64 gb   All Brands $  .50
80 gb   All Brands $ 3.00
100gb   All Brands $ 3.00
120gb   All Brands $ 7.00
128gb   All Brands $ 9.00
160gb   All Brands $11.00
200gb   All Brands $11.00
240gb   All Brands $14.75
250gb   All Brands $16.75
256gb   All Brands $18.50
400gb   All Brands $20.00
480gb   All Brands $26.00
500gb   All Brands $30.50
512gb   All Brands $32.50
800gb   All Brands $39.00
960gb   All Brands $55.00
1   TB  All Brands $70.00

**Please contact for full list**

2.5 inch SATA Hard Drives
160gb   All Brands $1.00
200gb   All Brands $1.00
250gb   All Brands $1.75
320gb   All Brands $2.75
400gb   All Brands $2.75
500gb   All Brands $8.75
640gb   All Brands $8.75
750gb   All Brands $8.75
1TB     All Brands $18.00
1.5TB   All Brands $20.00
2TB     All Brands $33.00

3.5 inch SATA Hard Drives
250gb All Brands   $1.00
320gb All Brands   $1.50
400gb All Brands   $1.50
500gb All Brands   $3.75
640gb All Brands   $3.75
750gb All Brands   $3.75
1 tb  All Brands   $12.75
1.5tb All Brands   $12.75
2tb   All Brands   $20.50
3tb   All Brands   $21.50
4tb   All Brands   $30.00
5tb   All Brands   $45.00
6tb   All Brands   $55.00
8tb   All Brands   $75.00
12tb   All Brands  $115.00

501 W. 184th St Suite 1F
NY NY 10033
(646) 775-2701

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