18 Broadcasts for 2021-05-29
Time Subject
23:43 WTS: Avid Nexis Pro W/ 40TB storage with 24 client seats. I am selling an Avid Nexis Pro W/ 40TB s
23:41 WTS: Large Broadcasting Equipment Inventory Anyone buy the below? If so please let me know any of
23:39 WTS: $4,500 each take the trio. Qty-3 Cisco 15454-M-100G-LC-C new in open clam shells. I have Q
23:39 WTS: Qty-24 Rectifiers TEBECHOP D400 G48/200 Bwru-Pde Rectifier TN/ item-NO 127154.28 TAKE ALL FOR
23:36 WTS: LENOVO 2600GB Enterprise io3 Flash Adapter FRU 00JY003 – I have 20 of these. All brand new.
23:24 WTS: : Dell Optiplex 7050 w/ 500GB SSD and 16GB Ram
12:13 WTS; Fujitsu 04S072AG-100DG IBM 06P4058 Samsung 098N02189
11:52 WTS; Fujitsu 04S072AG-100DG IBM 06P4058 Samsung 098N02189
11:51 WTS; Konica Minolta A00F011 HP RM1-1535 HP Q2426a
11:51 WTS; HP C7779-60002 Epson K-F00-919-A11 HP C3166-69020
11:51 WTS; IBM 23R9811 IBM 23R9823 IBM 2727263
11:50 WTS; HP JL382A 3Com 3C17514 NEW 3Com 3C96000PS-HO
11:50 WTS; HP 697242-001 42T1377 AAM AB30/AM0P8E Dell 9YG141-030
11:50 WTS; Intel DA0S48MB6B0 Mfg Not Filled In AP0U7000380 Mfg Not Filled In 3JGM6BCWI00
11:50 WTS; . SDC-3231WS . 109-26400-10 . 109-38200-00
11:49 WTS; IBM 49Y5341 IBM 39M5808 HP 720865-B21
11:49 WTS; Samsung 789132-001 Palo Alto Networks PA-7000-BLNK-OSF Palo Alto Networks PA-7000-20GXM-NPC
11:48 WTS; HP 5D10K85755 HP 646266-001 HP 718755-001